Tax Consultation

Tax system in UK, is not very complex, but it is better to have a comprehensive knowledge about the modern rules and policies of taxation in United Kingdom. Accountants ‘R’ Us is one of the leading tax consultation service in UK. Our expert professionals have sound understanding of all types of taxes. Weoffer tax consultation to individuals and business organizations across UK. A large number of private sector organizations have opted for our services due to high quality of tax consultation services offered by us. So, if you are looking to save taxes then Accountants R Us is the perfect destination for you. Business organizations can opt for our services through direct consultation or opting to put us on retainer. Our clients include major organizations from retail, healthcare, and real estate, automobile domains and we have served each of them quite successfully. This is the reason why have established such a great rapport in a short span.

Our services to business organizations  

We, at Accountants R Usknow exactly how to adapt to the taste and preferences of the consumers and business organizations and this is why our tax consultations are always successful.  In recent times, we have developed a niche for our company in the market with comprehensive tax consultation services. Our company provides a creative and systematic approach towards tax filing and tax saving so that business houses can save money and strengthen their financial condition. The strategy of innovative depiction of the tax consultation has been successfully implemented into wide range of services for various corporate organizations. Our primary area of services for business organizations include:

  • Detailed tax investigation
  • Consultation of tax filing (including e-tax filing for senior citizens)
  • Optimization of all claims related to capital allowance
  • Consultation on business structure for both large scale and small scale organizations
  • PAYE enquiries
  • Transfer pricing
  • Entrepreneur’s relief
  • Tax relief on research and development for business organizations
  • Consultation on tax disputes

Tax consultation to individuals and families

Over the last few years, there has been a steep increase in the number of retail consumers at our organizations. Most of them opt for our services to seek quality and reliable consultation on tax saving and investments. Our core areas of service for individuals and families include:

  • Consultation on tax mitigation through income sharing (for working professionals)
  • Investments which can help you to save taxes
  • Saving taxes while selling properties and tangible assets
  • Consultation of incentives through tax efficient services
  • Mitigation taxes incurring during divorce
  • IHT planning
  • Real estate planning
  • Tax investigations
  • Detailed information on all types of tax schemes and rebates launched by UK government

In a short span, our group has established itself as one of the major players in the market. The motive of Accountants R Us is to create a successful bridge between the company and consumer. This is where his company works on to facilitate a bridge so that the consumer can be aware of the information regarding tax and accounting methods. We have a team of highly qualified and capable professionals who help our clients with all issues and queries related to accounting, taxation, business ventures and even retirement planning.

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