Accountants New Malden & Tax Advisor in New Malden

Accountants ‘R’ Us is a firm of New Malden Accountants serving clients in and around the New Malden area.   In addition to the more usual accounting functions, we also provide truly exceptional Financial Services to deliver effective cost savings for your business.

Our Team.  Our team includes Chartered Management Accountants, Tax Advisers, Chartered Certified Accountants and highly-trained Bookkeepers.  The Team work together to provide a seamless service to ensure that the stress of running the financial recording and paperwork aspects of your business is borne by them and not by you!   Being freed up from needing to have to handle tiresome paperwork means more time for you to be able to take care of the core activities of your business…leading to increased profitability.

Our Business Services

Bookkeeping – Businesses have to maintain accurate books and tax records …it’s a legal requirement.  It is also in the best interests of your business to keep abreast of changes in tax legislation and to avoid making late payments to the Tax Collector as very heavy penalties can now be levied… reducing your profits.  We will advise you of payment dates as part of our bookkeeping functions.  The services that you choose to take from us are entirely at your discretion, we will not attempt to try to introduce anything that is not of benefit to your business.  Our services have been designed at the request of our clients to take away tasks from them that either they have no time to perform… or don’t really want to have to learn about. Bookkeeping can be undertaken either on a regular basis in your own offices, or in ours or performed at the end of your company year with your Accounts.   Our budget-priced ‘Sole Trader Package’ is a total solution for very small businesses.

 VAT Records – if required to do so, our Business Support Team can undertake your VAT registration for you and then take care of running your VAT records and Returns.  We at Accountants ‘R’ Us New Malden Accountants will prepare these either from your own bookkeeping records or from those we maintain for you.

Payroll Management – for businesses of all sizes.  We can handle all matters to do with the payment of wages and salaries, deductions for tax, National Insurance Contributions, pension scheme payments, update payroll records, tell you when payments need to be remitted and how much to pay.  We just get on quietly generally overseeing everything to do with payroll so that you do not have to concern yourself with it or the legislation surrounding it.

Business Plans – Every business needs a Business Plan and knowing that you have a truly workable one is satisfying and gives confidence.  Our Business Support Team will help you to prepare one or to make modifications to your existing one if you wish.   At Accountants ‘R’ Us New Malden Accountants we will explain to you the maze of legislation surrounding Business Start-up… but only if you are interested to learn.  Alternatively we can just tell you that there are a lot of things to do – but you need not learn how to do them because we can take all of that away from you at a very modest cost …and do them for you ourselves!  How does that sound?  Tell us about what you want to achieve and we will pull out all of the stops to help you to get there!

Management Accounts – These are available on a regular basis, when we prepare your bookkeeping records, as all of the information to prepare them is constantly with us.  Having Business Management Accounts means that you are better placed to make strategic business decisions.

In addition Accountants ‘R’ Us  New Malden Accountants  can provide:-

  • Software training – to enable you to run bookkeeping systems in your own premises
  • Tax Consultancy – our initial appraisal of your tax situation is FREE of charge
  • Finance sourcing – our Business Support Team will do this for you!
  • Company Returns submission – we handle all compliance paperwork at the end of your year.

Personal Financial Services

  • Tax Planning… Personal – and Self-Assessment Services. Tax Return submission.
  • Estate Planning – it’s good to begin to make plans as early as possible to avail yourself of Inheritance Tax saving solutions. Some of them need to be in place over a period of time to be effective.

Other Services at Accountants ‘R’ Us New Malden Accountants.

  • Inland Revenue Investigations… are not a good thing to be faced with but our Business Support Team will handle it for you.
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) – at the request of clients we have put together a great scheme for handling Sub-contractors.  Ask us to demonstrate it to you, if you employ Sub-contractors it is an absolute must for you to use it – saves so much time and it’s not costly.

What is our commitment to you?

Your needs, as a client, will always be put first.  Client satisfaction, with our services and with our charges is so important to us.

Fees – These can be agreed in advance with a Fixed Fee, or calculated on an hourly basis.  We don’t mind …whatever suits you the best suits us!

Malden Accountants commitment to your business

  • To make your business life as stress-free as possible by taking over tasks that you need not be concerning yourself with
  • We want to free up your valuable time. There is simply no need for you to toy with time-consuming, and frankly rather boring paperwork
  • We will learn about the financial needs of your business so that we can provide you always with the best financial solutions
  • To have you always returning to us and feeling able to recommend your friends and business colleagues to do the same
  • Accountants ‘R’ Us New Malden Accountants offer you financial peace of mind

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