Limited Companies

Services proved to Limited Companies by Accountant R Us

A limited company is a private or public firm or organizations, which are responsible for the debt, only limited to the amount that they have invested. As there are various tasks, which are to be performed by a limited company, we at Accountant R Us are offering our services at this point related to all the accounting work that are required. The services that we are offering to our clients depend on the packages they are choosing from the vast assortment we are offering to the clients. Before starting of the services, our certified experts would conduct meeting with the authorities of your organization to know about your accountancy needs. If you are a new private limited organization, we at Accountant R Us will be able to provide you with detailed information about accountancy needs. Just because of high quality services offered and an experience of nearly two decades have made us one of the finest accountancy firm for limited companies across United Kingdom.

What we are offering initially

When we start the work process with you, we are offering some initial services that are listed below:

  • Advice to the companies relating to the business structure that would be suitable
  • As your firm would be a limited company, we would help you in being incorporated with the Companies House.
  • Depending on the nature of your limited company, we would help you in registering for self-assessment
  • As bank accounts are essential, we would help you in opening a bank account solely for business purpose
  • If your company were applicable for VAT, we would help you in being registered for the same
  • As corporation taxes are important, Accountant R Us will help you in registering for the same
  • PAYE registration
  • Setting up of payrolls for the employees who will be working in your organization

Accountancy services provided by Accountant R Us

Along with above-mentioned functions, we are offering accountancy services listed below-

  • Submission of VAT returns
  • Running and monitoring the payroll monthly
  • Providing pay-slips to employees
  • Preparation of company accounts (annually)
  • Filling Corporate Tax returns
  • Providing all essential paperwork related to declaration of dividends
  • Book Keeping (Monthly)
  • Submitting annual returns (company) to Companies House
  • Submission of information related to any changes in the company to Company House
  • Providing references related to mortgage and rental
  • Dealing with the Companies House for correspondence

Additional services provided by Accountant R Us

We at Accountant R Us are offering some other services as well which are listed below:

  • Completion of self-assessment return
  • Providing a office address for your registered company if required
  • Providing all information related to different types of contracts
  • Getting your business insured along with providing details about various insurance providers
  • Advice and suggestions related to life insurance, mortgage and various other financial services

Availing our services

We at Accountant R Us have designed several packages that would suit your requirements. You can contact us on the given contact details and email id for further correspondence.

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