Accountants Merton & Tax Advisor in Merton

Accountants ‘R’ Us  Merton Accountants have an excellent range of Business Services on offer to new and existing clients that will ensure that the financial stress of running your business is on our shoulders and not on yours!

  • Are you in need of a Business Plan to start up a new business?
  • Could you be paying too much tax?
  • Does financial paperwork get you down?
  • Would you like an accountancy service that offers you the opportunity not to have to spend nights or weekends at home poring over ledgers and pieces of paper?
  • Do you need to find some Loan Finance or to obtain a Mortgage?
  • Would you value having regular Management Accounts to monitor your business progress month by month or quarterly?
  • Do you know little or nothing about PAYE, National Insurance Contributions, VAT, tax payment dates and feel bewildered?

Well if you use our Bookkeeping, VAT and Payroll services, you won’t be … because we have tremendous expertise in such matters… and we can do everything for you…at a very modest cost.

We can help you in all of the above areas.  Clients come first at Accountants ‘R’ Us.

If you are a Sole Trader, we have a special package to offer that takes care of your Bookkeeping and the preparation of your Accounts as one piece of work at the end of your financial year.

If you have a business employing a number of people or one with a large turnover, we have a full Bookkeeping Services that can be undertaken at regular intervals, of your own choosing …daily, weekly , monthly etc either at your own premises or alternatively we can handle everything for you here in- house.

Should you still prefer to maintain your own Bookkeeping, you may be interested to have systems put in place by Accountants ‘R’ Us  Merton Accountants  that will simplify record keeping.  We can offer advice on these and also provide training for your own staff so that everything runs super-efficiently to provide an excellent audit trail that will simplify the preparation of your Year-end business accounts when the time comes for us to prepare them for you!

Other Services we provide at Accountants ‘R’ Us Merton Accountants are:-

Tax Consultancy – for your company and your personal affairs

Self-Assessment assistance – completing your Tax Return can be quite a task…the accompanying notes are often difficult to understand.  Leave it to us. We will sort everything out for you.

Inland Revenue Investigations Assistance – on occasions, your company, or you as an individual can be selected totally at random, for a tax investigation. If this rather unpleasant experience should happen to you, simply make contact with us.  We will take it over and see the investigation through for you.

Construction Industry Scheme Service (CIS) – this is one of the areas in which we specialise.  Since the Scheme’s inception, the amount of paperwork generated appears to be ever increasing and therefore we offer a complete service that includes:-

  • The maintenance of Sub-contractor records
  • Online verification of Sub-contractors, and submission of monthly forms
  • Confirmation of tax deduction rates
  • Submission of end of year data

If you employ Sub-contractors do seriously consider using these CIS Services to relieve you of the complexities of handling these matters yourself.

Estate Planning and Executor Ships Services –  When you have spent many years building a business and accumulating various personal assets, you want to have peace of mind that when the time comes for others to inherit, your wishes will be carried out and your beneficiaries will benefit as they should… rather than HMRC!   There are many ways that all of this can be planned to your advantage and we would like to suggest that you begin making your plans as soon as possible.  Please come along to see us so that we can discuss and put in place appropriate measures to ensure that as little tax as possible is paid on your Estate.

When it comes to controlling your financial arrangements and giving advice, Accountants ‘R’ Us Merton Accountants are happy to make lots of promises to you … and to keep them!

We Will:-

  • Undertake to work for you on a fixed fee or on an hourly basis – whichever you prefer.
  • perform a FREE initial review of your tax situation
  • explain things to you in plain jargon-free English
  • return your calls or emails on business days within 24 hours
  • care for the health of your business with the same dedicated way that we care for our own

Give you an exceptional service that will exceed all your expectations!

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