Accountants Hammersmith & Tax Advisor in Hammersmith

Accountants ‘R’ Us are a firm of Hammersmith Accountants serving the many needs of clients in the Hammersmith and surrounding areas.  We provide all of the traditional accounting functions … Year-end Business Accounts and Auditing Services … but in addition, we are also able to provide other Financial Services that will exceed all your expectations and deliver exceptional results for your business.

Our Staff   We have a dedicated team of experienced and highly qualified personnel who are all committed to ensuring that the financial affairs of your business run smoothly.   These include Chartered Certified Accountants, Tax Advisers and Chartered Management Accountants.  The team works collaboratively to ensure that your financial requirements are brought together seamlessly and the stress of running the financial recording and paperwork aspects of your business is removed from you.  This means that you are able to get on with running your business with your eye on profits and customer service rather than having to deal with back-office issues.

Our Business Services

Hammersmith Accountants  – All businesses have a legal requirement to maintain accurate tax records for the various taxes levied by the Government.  It is also vital to keep up to date with the many tax changes that take place, often at short notice.  It is also important that payment dates are not missed or misunderstood leading to penalties being levied. This is one of the areas of a business that often causes the most stress.  We are able to very efficiently remove this stress by providing you with a complete Bookkeeping Service.  Depending on the requirements of your business, bookkeeping can be done either on a regular basis at your own or our premises, or at the end of your company year together with your Accounts.  We have a very favourably priced ‘Sole Trader Package’ that includes both of these year-end functions.

VAT Records – It is important to register for VAT as soon as you think that your sales will be reaching the VAT threshold – currently £81,000.  We will help you with registration, provide you with advice, prepare all your documents and submit the VAT Returns online.  These will be prepared from your own bookkeeping records or from the records that you have invited us to keep for you.

Payroll Management – This Service will be of assistance to you whether you are a small or large business. We can handle the payment of wages and salaries, make appropriate deductions for tax. National Insurance Contributions, pension scheme payments etc maintain payroll records and update them as required, advise payments to be made and when, and generally oversee the whole of your payroll arrangements to ensure that you do not incur any penalties and that all documentation – employee payslips and year-end tax forms are prepared and passed on.

Business Plan Creation – Starting up a new business venture is exciting.  If you have done it before you will also know that there can be many pitfalls.  We know this too and we are here to ensure that all goes smoothly for you.   If you have never been in business previously you will now be looking for Hammersmith Accountants who can guide you securely through the maze of legislation and compliance issues that accompany every business start-up – many that you have probably never considered and we will give you valuable pointers as to how to avoid financial problems arising in the future.  We will discuss your business aims and objectives and put together a plan tailored to your specific requirements… also telling you how we can remove a lot of the compliance pressure from your shoulders.

Management Accounts – When we provide you with on-going Bookkeeping Services, we are automatically in a position to provide you with these accounts.  Having Management Accounts at your fingertips will give you up to date information as to how your business is performing at a specific time and give you vital information if you are considering changes to business strategies, including introducing new products or changing staff numbers.

In addition to the above at Accountants ‘R’ Us Hammersmith Accountants we are also able to provide:-

  • Software training – to put systems in place in your own premises
  • Tax Consultancy – for your personal affairs and your company
  • Finance sourcing – loans and mortgages
  • Company Returns submission

Personal Financial Services

  • Personal Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Self-Assessment Services
  • Tax Returns – IT, CGT

Other Services

  • Inland Revenue Investigations
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) – we are specialists in this area.

Accountants ‘R’ Us make our commitment to you

We always put the needs of you, our client, first so you can always expect to receive a first-class service from us

Fees – These will be agreed in advance or if you prefer, can be calculated on an hourly basis.

Commitment to your business… we want to make it as easy as possible for you to run your business freed up from financial tasks and paperwork, that would take you hours, but that we can do quickly and easily once we have set up the appropriate systems to take care of everything for you.

Accountants ‘R’ Us Hammersmith Accountants are friendly and helpful people. Call us today to arrange a meeting to find out the many ways in which we can make being in business really enjoyable…and profitable!

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