Estate Planning

Estate Planning with Accountants R Us

Estate planning has been into existence since decades and it proved to be a wonderful option for the future of your kids. With different essential aspects to be covered in estate planning, availing the expertise of professionals is advised. In UK, whenever it comes to estate planning, Accountants R Us is the first choice. As we are having experience of nearly two decades, we are able to satisfy the need and requirements of our clients related to estate planning in a hassle free way. We provide high quality consultation services when it comes to estate planning. With our team of experts at Accountants R Us, estate planning is done in a smooth way and that also as required by our clients.

Experience and reputation of Accountants R Us

As we are operating from UK from the past many years, we have created a rapport with the clients. No matter if you are a company or an individual, our services of estate planning is for all. As we are offering tailor made and customized solutions for estate planning, our clients have always attained our services. Accountants R Us has become a company that is having wide range of solutions when it comes to estate planning. We not just provide consultation services to our clients, but even help in the complete process of estate planning.

Our services relating to estate planning

The professionals associated with us at Accountants R Us for estate planning are certified and experienced so that the process is done in a smooth way. Our estate planning services include the below listed points:

  • Analysis of the questions related to estate planning
  • Coaching assistance for estate planning
  • Providing information related to estate planning and laws related to the same
  • Analysis of the property
  • One to one talk with the clients to know the people who will be in charge of the estate
  • Conduct meeting with the lawyers for completing the paperwork and other formalities
  • Getting the estate papers sealed from the court of law
  • Implementation of estates after death

Four important consideration of estate planning with Accountants R Us

When life is about to end, people do not want to have the burden on their head of deciding when it comes to allocating of property and money. At this point, we at Accountants R Us come into picture and provide comprehensive information related to estate planning. The considerations that we keep in mind when it comes to estate planning are as follows:

Guardian: We help in deciding on the guardianship of the children if they are minor at time of your premature death.

Inheritance of property: Once you have decided who will be the legal person to inherit your property, we would help in documentations. In addition to this, if you were planning to give over your property to any institute or organization, then we would certainly be there to assist you with the same.

Wills: When it comes to living trusts, we at Accountants R Us will help you with all the legal work along with paperwork so that the trustee can get the ownership with ease

Legal Agents: If at any point of time you are not willing to decide where you money will go, our team of legal advisors will be at your services. We would carry out all the legal affairs for you in a hassle free way so that you can be at peace.

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